V1.2.1 and newer

All our Changelogs are available online at the OWASP MSTG GitHub repository, see the Releases page.

v1.2 - 25th July 2021

167 issues were closed since the last release. A full overview can be seen in Github Issues https://github.com/OWASP/owasp-mstg/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aclosed+closed%3A2019-08-03..2021-07-25.
326 pull requests were merged since the last release. A full overview can be seen in Github Pull Requests https://github.com/OWASP/owasp-mstg/pulls?q=is%3Apr+is%3Aclosed+closed%3A2019-08-03..2021-07-25
Major changes include:
  • Migrating the new document build pipeline from MASVS to MSTG. This allows us to build consistently the whole OWASP MSTG documents (PDF, docx etc.) in minutes, without any manual work.
  • Besides numerous changes for the test cases we have a new Crackme - Android Level 4 https://github.com/OWASP/owasp-mstg/tree/master/Crackmes/Android/Level_04 and also new write-ups for the Crackmes.
  • We removed all references to Needle and IDB tool, as both tools are outdated.
  • References of OWASP Mobile Top 10 and MSTG-IDs are completely moved to MASVS
  • Reworking of information gathering (static analysis) for Android Apps
  • Update of Biometric Authentication for Android Apps
  • New content and updates in the Android and iOS Reverse Engineering and Tampering chapters
  • 3 new iOS Reverse Engineering test cases
  • Translations of the MSTG are linked to the respective forks but are not part of the MSTG anymore
  • Updated English, Japanese, French, Korean and Spanish checklists to be compatible with MSTG 1.2
  • Updated Acknowledgments, with 1 new co-author and contributor
  • Added JNI Tracing for Android
  • Added dsdump for dumping Objective-C and Swift content
  • Added the procedure to sign the debugserver for iOS 12 and higher
  • Added dependency-check to verify for vulnerabilities in libraries added by iOS package managers
  • Added getppid as debugger detection (iOS)
  • Added Domain/URL Enumeration in APKs
  • Added introduction into Network.framework (iOS)
  • Added UnSAFE Bank iOS Application
  • Added information on SECCOMP (Android)
  • Added native and java method tracing (Android)
  • Added Android library injection
  • Added Android 10 TLS and cryptography updates
  • Updated code obfuscation for Android and iOS
  • Added test case for Reverse Engineering Tools Detection - MSTG-RESILIENCE-4 (iOS)
  • Added test case for Emulator Detection - MSTG-RESILIENCE-5 (iOS)
  • Added an example with truststore to bypass cert pinning (Android)
  • Added content to information gathering using frida (Android)
  • Added Sec Consult, RandoriSec and OWASP Bay area as donators
  • Added basic information gathering for Android and iOS
  • Added Simulating a Man-in-the-Middle Attack with an Access Point
  • Added gender neutrality to the MSTG
  • Extended section about dealing with Xamarin Apps
  • Updated all picture links (img tags) to be in markdown syntax
  • Updated iTunes limitations and usage since macOS Catalina
  • Added Emulation-based Analysis (iOS and Android)
  • Added Debugging iOS release applications using lldb
  • Added Korean translation of the checklist
  • Updated symbolic execution content (Android)
  • Added Ghidra for Android Reverse Engineering
  • Added section on Manual (Reversed) Code Review for iOS
  • Added explanation of more Frida APIs (iOS and Android)
  • Added Apple CryptoKit
  • Updated and simplified Frida detection methods
  • Added introduction to setup and disassembling for iOS Apps
  • Updated section about frida-ios-dump
  • Added gplaycli (Android)
  • Extended section on how to retrieve UDI (iOS)
  • Added new companies in the Users.md list with companies applying the MSTG/MASVS
  • Updated partially code samples to Swift 5
  • Adding Process Exploration (Android and iOS)
  • Updated best practices for passwords, added "Have I Been Pwned"
  • Updated SSL Pinning fallback methods
  • Updated app identifier (Android and iOS)
  • Updated permission changes for Android O, P and Q
  • Updated Broadcast Receiver section (Android)
Several other minor updates include fixing typos and markdown lint errors and updating outdated links.
We thank you all contributors for the hard work and continuously improving the document and the OWASP MSTG project!

v1.1.3 - 2 August 2019

  • Updated Acknowledgments, with 2 new co-authors.
  • Translated various parts into Japanese.
  • A large restructuring of the general testing, platform specific testing and reverse-engineering chapters.
  • Updated description of many tools: Adb, Angr, APK axtractor, Apkx, Burp Suite, Drozer, ClassDump(Z/etc), Clutch, Drozer, Frida, Hopper, Ghidra, IDB, Ipa Installer, iFunBox, iOS-deploy, KeychainDumper, Mobile-Security-Framework, Nathan, Needle, Objection, Magisk, PassionFruit, Radare 2, Tableplus, SOcket CAT, Xposed, and others.
  • Updated most of the iOS hacking/verification techniques using iOS 12 or 11 as a base instead of iOS 9/10.
  • Removed tools which were no longer updated, such as introspy-Android and AndBug.
  • Added missing MASVS references from version 1.1.4: v1.X, V3.5, V5.6, V6.2-V6.5, V8.2-V8.6.
  • Rewrote device-binding explanation and testcases for Android.
  • Added parts on testing unmanaged code in Objective-C, Java, and C/C++.
  • Applied many spelling, punctuation and style-related fixes.
  • Updated many cryptography related parts.
  • Added testaces for upgrade-mechanism verification for apps.
  • Updated Readme, Code of Conduct, Contribution guidelines, verification, funding link, and generation scripts.
  • Added ISBN as the book is now available at Lulu.
  • Added various fixes for the .epub format.
  • Added testcases on Android and iOS backup verification.
  • Improved key-attestation related explanation for Android.
  • Restructured OWASP Mobile Wiki.
  • Removed Yahoo Weather app and simplified reference on using SQL injection.
  • Improve explanation for iOS app sideloading to include various available methods.
  • Added explanation on using ADB and device shell for Android.
  • Added explanation on using device shell for iOS.
  • Provided comparison for using emulators/simulators and real devices for iOS/Android.
  • Fixed Uncrackable Level 3 for Android.
  • Improved explanation on how to exfiltrate data and apps on iOS 12 and Android 8.
  • Improved/updated explanation on SSL-pinning.
  • Added list of adopters of the MASVS/MSTG.
  • Updated English, Japanese, French and Spanish checklists to be compatible with MSTG 1.1.2.
  • Added a small write-up on Adiantum for Google.
  • Added MSTG-ID to the paragraphs to create a link between MSTG paragraphs and MASVS requirements.
  • Added review criteria for Android instant apps and guidance for app-bundle evaluation.
  • Clarified the differences between various methods of dynamic analysis.

v1.1.2 - 12 May 2019

  • Added missing mappings for MASVS V1.X.
  • Updated markdown throughout the English MSTG to be consistent.
  • Replaces some dead links.
  • Improvements for rendering as a book, including the ISBN number.
  • Updated the Excel: it is now available in Japanese as well!
  • Many punctuation corrections, spelling and grammar issues resolved.
  • Added missing iOS test case regarding memory corruption issues.
  • Added contributing, code of conduct, markdown linting and dead link detection.

v1.1.1 - 7 May 2019

  • Improvements on various tool related parts, such as how to use on-device console, adb, nscurl, Frida and Needle.
  • Updated 0x4e regarding SMS communication.
  • Many grammar/style updates.
  • Added Android description regarding MASVS requirement 7.8.
  • Updated contributor list.
  • Various updates on instructions regarding TLS and encryption.
  • Removed some erroneous information.
  • Fixed parts of the alignment of the MASVS requirements with the MSTG.
  • Updated information on various topics such as jailbreaking and network interception on both iOS and Android.
  • Added some steps for Frida detection.
  • Added write-ups on Android changes, regarding permissions, application signing, device identifiers, key attestation and more.
  • Extended guidance on SafetyNet attestation.
  • Added information on Magisk.
  • Added Firebase misconfiguration information.
  • Added references to more testing tools.
  • Updated contributor list.
  • Added a lot of information to iOS platform testing.
  • Added a lot of fixes for our book-release.

v1.1.0 - 30 Nov 2018

  • Added more samples in Kotlin.
  • Simplified leanpub and gitbook publishing.
  • A lot of QA improvements.
  • Added deserialization test cases for iOS, including input sanitization.
  • Added test cases regarding device-access-security policies and data storage on iOS.
  • Added test cases regarding session invalidation.
  • Improved cryptography and key management test cases on both Android and iOS.
  • Started adding various updates in the test cases introduced by Android Oreo and Android Pie.
  • Refreshed the Testing Tools section: removed some of the lesser maintained tools, added new tools.
  • Fixed some of the markdown issues.
  • Updated license to CC 4.0.
  • Started Japanese translation.
  • Updated references to OWASP Mobile Top 10.
  • Updated Android Crackmes.
  • Fixed some of the anti-reverse-engineering test cases.
  • Added debugging test case for iOS.

v1.0.2 - 13 Oct 2018

  • Updated guiding documentation (README).
  • Improved automated build of the pdf, epub and mobi.
  • Updated Frontispiece (given new contributor stats).
  • Added attack surface sections for Android and various.
  • Added vulnerable apps for testing skills.
  • Improved sections for testing App permissions for Android (given android Oreo/Pie), added section for testing permissions on iOS.
  • Added fix for Fragment Injection on older Android versions.
  • Improved sections on iOS WebView related testing.

v1.0.1 - 17 Sept 2018

  • Updated guiding documentation (README, PR templates, improved style guide, issue templates).
  • Added automated build of the pdf and DocX.
  • Updated Frontispiece (given new contributor stats).
  • Updated Crackmes and guiding documentation.
  • Updated tooling commands (adb, ABE, iMazing, Needle, IPAinstaller, etc.).
  • Added first Russian translations of the 1.0 documents for iOS.
  • Improved URLs for GitBook using goo.gl in case of URLs with odd syntax.
  • Updated Frontispiece to give credit to all that have helped out for this version.
  • Clarified the app taxonomy & security testing sections by a rewrite.
  • Added sections for network testing, certificate verification & SSL pinning for Cordova, WebView, Xamarin, React-Native and updated the public key pinning sections.
  • Removed no longer working guides (e.g. using iTunes to install apps).
  • Updated a lot of URLs (using TLS wherever possible).
  • Updated tests regarding WebViews.
  • Added new testing tool suites in the tools section, such as the mobile hack tools and various dependency checkers.
  • Updated test cases regarding protocol handlers (added missing MASVS 6.6 for iOS).
  • Many small updates in terms of wording, spelling/typos, updated code segments and grammar.
  • Added missing test cases for MASVS 2.11, 4.7, 7.5 and 4.11.
  • Updated the XLS Checklist given MASVS 1.1.0.
  • Removed the clipboard test from iOS and Android.
  • Removed duplicates on local storage testing and updated data storage test cases.
  • Added write-ups from the mobile security sessions at the OWASP summit.
  • Added anti-debugging bypass section for iOS.
  • Added SQL injection & XML injection samples and improved mitigation documentation.
  • Added Needle documentation for iOS.
  • Added fragment injection documentation.
  • Updated IPA installation process guidance.
  • Added XSS sample for Android.
  • Added improved documentation for certificate installation on Android devices.
  • Updated Frida & Fridump related documentation.
  • Added sections about in-memory data analysis in iOS.
  • Updated software development and related supporting documentation.
  • Updated (anti) reverse-engineering sections for Android and iOS.
  • Updated data storage chapters given newer tooling.
  • Merged SDLC and security testing chapters.
  • Updated cryptography and key-management testing sections for both Android and iOS (up to Android Nougat/iOS 11).
  • Updated general overview chapters for Android and iOS.
  • Updated Android and iOS IPC testing.
  • Added missing overviews, references, etc. to various sections such as 0x6i.
  • Updated local authentication chapters and the authentication & session management chapters.
  • Updated test cases for sensitive data in memory.
  • Added code quality sections.

v1.0 - 15 Jun 2018 (First release)

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