Mobile Application Security Verification Standard

About the Standard

Welcome to the Mobile Application Security Verification Standard (MASVS) 1.1. The MASVS is a community effort to establish a framework of security requirements needed to design, develop and test secure mobile apps on iOS and Android.

The MASVS is a culmination of community effort and industry feedback. We expect this standard to evolve over time and welcome feedback from the community.

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Sven Schleier, Jeroen Willemsen and Carlos Holguera

Bernhard Mueller

Alexander Antukh, Mesheryakov Aleksey, Bachevsky Artem, Jeroen Beckers, Vladislav Chelnokov, Ben Cheney, Peter Chi, Lex Chien, Stephen Corbiaux, Manuel Delgado, Ratchenko Denis, Ryan Dewhurst, Tereshin Dmitry, Christian Dong, Oprya Egor, Ben Gardiner, Rocco Gränitz, Henry Hu, Sjoerd Langkemper, Vinícius Henrique Marangoni, Martin Marsicano, Roberto Martelloni, Gall Maxim, Riotaro Okada, Abhinav Sejpal, Stefaan Seys, Yogesh Sharma, Prabhant Singh, Sven Schleier, Nikhil Soni, Anant Shrivastava, Francesco Stillavato, Romuald Szkudlarek, Abdessamad Temmar, Koki Takeyama, Chelnokov Vladislav, Leo Wang


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Peter Chi, and Lex Chien, Henry Hu, Leo Wang


Romuald Szkudlarek, Christian Dong (Review)


Rocco Gränitz, Sven Schleier (Review)


Martin Marsicano, Carlos Holguera


Koki Takeyama, Riotaro Okada (Review)


Gall Maxim, Chelnokov Vladislav (Review), Oprya Egor (Review), Tereshin Dmitry (Review)

This document started as a fork of the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard written by Jim Manico.


While both the MASVS and the MSTG are created and maintained by the community on a voluntary basis, sometimes a little bit of outside help is required. We therefore thank our sponsors for providing the funds to be able to hire technical editors. Note that their sponsorship does not influence the content of the MASVS or MSTG in any way. The sponsorship packages are described on the OWASP Project Wiki.

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